2 reasons for FC Barcelona to want Mbappé to play for Real Madrid

Despite everything that may seem, the arrival of the Frenchman would end up giving a positive blow to the culés ranks

At FC Barcelona it has recently been leaked that the idea that the people of the Real Madrid about the pass Kylian Mbappe it goes precisely in favor of what they seek. With two specific reasons they have marked it, and for the simple understanding of the fans they argue that fact in financial and sports material.

The first thing is that when you get to The leagueWithout a doubt, the show will grow and with it, the tax value of the business will increase. That is, more sponsors will arrive and that inherently translates into more money for everyone. But in addition, they will stop insisting on Haland That is your basic goal.

PSG Mbappe
PSG does not give up its player, and will do 1,000 maneuvers to keep him.

The fall of Mbappé represents Real Madrid and FC Barcelona very powerful aspects in the future

From the outset the first thing that has come to mind in the arrival of sponsorships. When a greater flow of money enters the coffers of LaLiga, this distribution becomes convenient and in the end, it leaves FC Barcelona with a good measure of options that will polish its objective in the short and medium term.

But apart from everything, it must be said that deep down the goal intersects with something specific, and that is that they are going to allow themselves to leave the Haaland case because of a salary limit, which is the striker that Xavi is looking for. Each one in his style wants to get the player he wants and that in the end supports one idea or the other.

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Xavi keeps insisting on Haaland as the only offensive reference

Barcelona has improved, without a doubt, but for that vertical style of play and on the wings it is absolutely necessary to have people who refer to the center with power. There is no player more effective than the Norwegian rook, and therefore they are considering the idea of ​​putting no less than 150 kilos on the table.

Real Madrid will not be able to compete in that sense and will focus everything on the Frenchman. That’s the way things are going at the moment, and with this current situation, what many think is going to be the most emotional and hard-fought market that someone can imagine due to the quality of the interpreters that sound.

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