2 options for Sevilla FC to kick out Papu Gómez

The future of Papu Gómez is moving further and further away from Seville, the city where he arrived with the star band and from which he will leave as one of the worst signings of the Monchi era

He Sevilla F.C. is seriously considering two options to release the Papu G.omez, whose performance in the team has not met expectations since his arrival. From what we have been able to learn, the club’s sports director, Monchi, has been exploring the market in search of alternatives for the Argentine, who despite being proclaimed world champion in December has had a season to forget.

However, and despite his level, the club has done everything possible to recover him. Especially Mendilibar, who has shown great interest in recovering a player of his quality for the cause. However, Papu Gómez’s performance at Sevilla FC it has always been very irregular and the club seems to have completely lost patience.

Sevilla FC looks for a way out for Papu Gómez
Papu Gómez has never been the one he was in Italy

The 2 options to get Papu Gómez out of Sevilla FC this summer

The first option being considered is a possible return of Papu Gómez to Italy, where he continues to enjoy a great poster for the performance he offered at Atalanta. There he could find a new destination at Monza, a club that has shown interest in taking over his services this summer, considering that he could be a very useful player for his project.

This move would be beneficial for Sevilla FC as they could allow him to leave at no cost, thus freeing himself from a salary burden and opening up space for new signings. But it is not the only option that Monchi is considering. And it is that it cannot be ruled out that the talented midfielder ends up returning to Argentina in this same transfer market.

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El Papu, back to Argentina?

However, the second option posed by the return of Papu Gómez to his native countryIt doesn’t seem so viable. This alternative would imply a greater financial outlay for Sevilla FC, since they would have to reach an agreement to liquidate a considerable part of the player’s remaining contract. Something they want to avoid at all costs.

Be that as it may, Sevilla FC seems to be clear that they want Papu Gómez out of the team. And it is that, despite the efforts of the coaching staff to recover the best version of him, the player has not been able to fully adapt to the team’s style of play and his performance has not been as expected. In this way, we would be watching the last matches of a world champion with the Seville shirt.

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