2 offers to RCD Mallorca for Lago Junior in Liga Smartbank

The Golden League did not sit well with the Ivorian attacker

Since the far left Junior Lake, landed on the RCD Mallorca, its performance has always been kept in the spotlight. In fact, the Ivorian played an important role in the good campaign that the vermilion box to ascend again to the golden league. However, the player’s present is not as he expected.

The african battering ram has only 173 minutes in the current campaign, thus showing discomfort on the part of the player. It is clear that the forward has not been able to adapt to the new strategy that he has implemented Luis Garcia. Due to the contract that Lago Junior still has, the team prepares an operation in January to define its future.

Mallorca Junior Lake
Lago Junior’s performance in the second division has been remarkable and very showy.

Valladolid is positioned as the favorite to remove Lago Junior from Mallorca

The pucela team takes into account the statistics of the past, and they know very well that the left-handed winger did a good job last season. Pacheta has not stopped thinking about an alternative for Hugo Vallejo, who due to his serious knee injury, will be ruled out until March or April next year.

Lago Junior aims to be the main candidate to reinforce the left flank on offense and thus give a hand to Toni Villa. The one from Lorquí has ​​been left alone and drifts as the only left winger that the Mister Burgos has. Pucela’s coaching staff is sure that the African will give excellent performances in LaLiga Smartbank.

Another LaLiga Smartbank team contacts Mallorca to sign Lago Junior

In the silver league there is another interested in the services of the Ivorian, because they take into account the performance of the player in LaLiga Smartbank. The other offer comes on behalf of CD Tenerife, which, like the Valladolid team, also has an injured winger with the same ailment, the knee.

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We are talking about the Argentine Matías Nahuel, who has not been able to perform this season, after suffering the physical setback in July of this year. The order comes from Luis Miguel Ramis, who despite having two more troops on that flank, the characteristics of the Ivorian are unique and adapt to what the coach wants in his functional scheme.

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