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2 insufficient offers to FC Barcelona to sell Pjanic

It is no secret to anyone that the signing of Miralem Pjanic, has been one of the worst in the recent history of the FC Barcelona, not in vain the offers that arrive for the midfielder they are very poor and do not satisfy anyone. Laporta He has a big mess on his team and will have to decide before August 30 what he is going to do with the Bosnian.

The coaching staff led by Ronald Koeman, has stated that the midfield player It is not an important figure in your scheme, and that its presence does not affect or benefit. In short, the Dutch Mister he does not have the Balkan footballer in his plans. The sports management has tried to find suitors for the player, but so far there is nothing real.

Pjanic deals

The sports department directed by Mateu Alemany, has analyzed the couple of offers that came from Italy, and no matter how detailed they are, it does not find any benefit for FC Barcelona. The first place neither of the two teams intends to pay a single euro for a transfer. They want the player in the form of an assignment, and they would only take care of their file.

Both AC Milan and Juventus will only take over 100% of your file and would not include a purchase option in the loan. Although the offers have not been completely discarded, it is clear that the sports management will not accept these proposals. Laporta is hopeful that some team will appear willing to pay for the Bosnian, but his current level makes the process difficult.

This time the protagonists in the second round of offers to the Balkan midfielder are Naples and Fiorentina. However, like the Rossoneri team and the Bianconero, they are not interested in buying the player, but in requesting him on loan. Being proposals similar to the first ones, they remain invisible to the true claims of Barca.

The Bosnian only has one year left on his contract and his price is 20 million euros. Laporta hopes to recover at least 15 kilos or at least 10 to start cleaning up the club’s red balances. The truth is that no team so far is in a position to afford and pay that figure for a player who has not shown anything in the Barça team.

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