In the Dominican Republic, 19% of migrant women of Haitian origin They are domestic workers, according to data provided by the International Labor Organization (ILO), in its latest report “Paid Domestic Work in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

The study specifies that paid domestic work is an important source of employment for migrant workers and that in Latin America and the Caribbean, migrant domestic workers are 35.3% of all migrant workers.

This year, it has felt a greater number of migrant women engaging in domestic work And although the majority are still of Haitian nationality, there is a significant flow of Venezuelans who dedicate themselves to housework and take care of people and homes, according to the president of the National Federation of Domestic Workers (Fenamutra ), Ruth Díaz.

He adds that with the growing crisis and insecurity that exists in Haiti many Dominican families are limited to hiring Haitians for housework due to fears of undesirable situations.

“However, foreign labor is always cheaper, because it is in more precarious conditions, is a threat to the hiring of national labor,” says the Fenamutra leader to Listín Diario. It indicates that in any case, competition between Haitians and Dominicans is minimal because there is no social protection for this type of employment.



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