19 Great Apps and Games Temporarily Free on the Google Play Store

there are new Applications cousin that you can download without paying google play store and install on your tablet or smartphone android. This is the new edition of “gifts of the week”, with apps for all tastes and needs.

Here are new games, general productivity apps, with tools for various needs, as well as some personalization apps for mobile devices. It’s an excellent opportunity, for a limited time, to renew your smartphone!

For ease of reading, we’ve grouped the apps by list and category, with general-purpose apps first, then Android games, and finally customization apps. We also indicate the price and duration of the promotions in question.

Productivity and general purpose apps for Android devices

  1. French Way: Wise Pilgrim – costs €1.09 – free for 1 day
  2. Dark Screen Filter – Blue Light – Night mode – costs €0.69 – free for 2 days
  3. Barcode scanner and QR PRO – costs €2.09 – free for 7 days

First of all, we present you some of the utilities that are now free for Android. Why pay when these “Pro” versions of apps are available for free, from apps for work to entertainment and fun?

So, depending on your needs or curiosity, choose the apps that interest you the most from the list.

Premium Games on Google Play Store

  1. Speed ​​Math – Mini Math Games – costs €1.39 – free for 3 days
  2. MR RACER : Car Racing Game – Premium – MULTIPLAYER – costs €5.49 – free for 3 days
  3. Professional Mind Games – costs €3.09 – free for 4 days
  4. WindWings: Space Shooter, Galactic Strike (Premium) – costs €1.99 – free for 4 days
  5. Minesweeper Pro – costs €1.49 – free for 5 days
  6. Merge number puzzle – costs €3.29 – free for 6 days
  7. Peppa Pig: Sports Day – costs €3.49 – free for 6 days
  8. Burning Fortress 2 – costs €1.00 – free for 6 days
  9. Merge Monster VIP – Offline Idle Puzzle – costs €1.09 – free for 6 days
  10. dead bunker 2 hd – costs €0.69 – free for 6 days
  11. Archery Physics Shooter 2019 – costs €0.89 – free for 7 days
  12. D7: Group the colored dominoes by 7. Casual game. – costs €0.89 – free for 7 days
  13. Offline Sudoku Challenge – costs €2.89 – free for 7 days
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Second, you have various puzzle games and other challenges for your brain with good puzzles to pass the time on your phone. Enjoy these titles and choose the ones you like best.

Also enjoy shooting games and action games, great to play offline and enjoy alone or with friends. Also, view the scores for each game on the Google Play Store to help you in the process of choosing the best games and apps.

Personalization apps for Android devices

  1. Gear Live Wallpaper – costs €0.59 – free for 1 day
  2. Star X 3D live wallpaper – costs €0.59 – free for 1 day
  3. Milky Launcher Pro – costs €1.89 – free for 2 days

Thirdly, we list the various icon packs for Android mobile devices as well as live wallpapers to install without paying. They are simple and small applications that can profoundly change the appearance of your device.

As soon as the promotion of each of the contents indicated here ends and it has been installed, they will continue to be yours, even after you delete them from your smartphone and/or tablet. Finally, you can always reinstall as they will still be associated with your Google account.

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