19 Games And Apps Too Good To Be Free On The Google Play Store

To close the week, we bring you the latest edition of the free apps section for Android, with new suggestions, more tools, and great savings opportunities by being able to download premium apps without paying for a limited time.

So we have new games, productivity apps, and personalization apps for Android tablets or smartphones. They are divided into three categories for ease of reading, in addition to indicating the remaining duration of the promotion, as well as the usual price.

Go through the list, choose the apps that best suit your style or meet your needs. Either way, here you will find something useful, good and fun depending on the priorities of each user.

Productivity and general use applications

These are the general utility applications among which we highlight Password Manager, a tool that allows you to add and store your passwords and credentials for use on various devices, being temporarily free.

You also have apps that help you learn a new language, which is usually quite expensive and, again, completely free. Finally, you also have the blue light filter in case you want to fine-tune this function for your smartphone or tablet.

Games to install on Android smartphone

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Taking advantage of the weekend, we have compiled a list with more free games for Android. They are perfect for spending time on the phone, with titles to suit the most diverse tastes, from puzzle and memory games to the most intense shooters and RPGs.

Choose the games you like the most and you can install them all without paying. Try out the ones you love and finally decide which ones are worth staying installed on your mobile device, whether it’s an Android tablet or smartphone.

In particular, we can recommend the Memo Box to train your memory or the Shadow Knight Premium, with intense action and a lot of fun in the mix.

Icon packs and customization apps

Finally, you can take advantage of this application to give your mobile device a new look.

It consists of a launcher for Android that radically changes the look of your device. Here you have a very futuristic design that will certainly appeal to some users.

All the applications listed are present in the Google Play Store, currently being evaluated by the Play Protect filters. As such, you can safely download and also take the opportunity to see the evaluation of these applications in the official store.

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