19 Chinese miners went underground in a coal mine

One miner died and another 19 remain trapped underground after the collapse followed by a flood this Saturday in a China coal mine. The incident occurred just after 1 am in Argentina, in northwestern Qinghai province, according to the provincial emergency management office.

Two miners, one of whom died, were removed from the mine. Rescue teams and firefighters have been working at the scene of the tragedy ever since.

Authorities did not provide information on the situation of those trapped underground, nor did they specify their depth. According to the Office of Emergency Management, the mine was a victim of “sludge collapse (a layer)”, while public television CCTV also mentioned a “water seepage”; however, the Xinhua agency said there was a “flood”.

Mine safety has improved over the past few decades in China, but accidents occur regularly due to the hazardous nature of the industry and lack of strict enforcement of safety regulations.


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