Do you have a tablet or android smart phone? Are you looking for new deluxe content, but don’t want to pay the listed price on the official content store? So enjoy these “gifts” of the week with good applications cousin temporarily free in google play store.

Below you can find different types of applications, from productivity tools, personalization apps for your mobile device, as well as a short selection of free paid games for the time indicated in each case.

In this way, we not only indicate the usual price of each app and game, but also the link to download it from the official store. You can also find the duration of the promotion so you don’t miss out on these opportunities.

Productivity and general purpose apps for Android devices

  1. Police Lights 2: PRO – costs €0.50 – free for 6 days
  2. Video player – PRO version – costs €1.79 – free for 6 days
  3. Offline number to word converter – costs €0.69 – free for 7 days
  4. Pro Qamp – MP3 Player – Music Player – costs €0.99 – free for 7 days

We first select a set of tools for your Android mobile device. It is a varied list of applications with which to work, enjoy new functions for Android tablets and smartphones, or to improve a specific function.

More specifically, they are applications that respond to specific needs. So, go through the list and find the one that best suits your needs.

The best you can do? Depending on what you want, or need, fearlessly install the applications listed here.

Premium Games on Google Play Store

  1. The Hearts PRO – costs €1.99 – free for 6 hours
  2. sally’s spa – costs €9.99 – free for 1 day
  3. Spelling Challenge PRO – costs €2.09 – free for 1 day
  4. Articles Grammar Test PRO – costs €2.19 – free for 1 day
  5. The last roman villa – costs €2.19 – free for 2 days
  6. Unlimited Word Search PRO – costs €2.39 – free for 2 days
  7. Empire Warriors – Offline Game – costs €0.79 – free for 6 days
  8. Tap Premium Legend – costs €0.79 – free for 6 days

Second, we have a short list of free Android games. Here you have good games to pass the time on your smartphone, to play offline or with friends. We have action, shooter, RGP and puzzle game titles to learn.

In other words, take advantage of this selection of premium games now free to download from the Google Play Store. By the way, also take the opportunity to see the score of each game in the respective store, to know exactly what you install, or try it without commitment.

Personalization apps for Android

  1. Space Clock Live Wallpaper – costs €0.59 – free for 2 days
  2. Gear Live Wallpaper – costs €0.59 – free for 2 days
  3. Star X 3D live wallpaper – costs €0.59 – free for 2 days
  4. professional siege – costs €0.59 – free for 4 days
  5. Milky Launcher Pro – costs €1.89 – free for 7 days
  6. Prime Star Launcher – costs €1.89 – free for 7 days

Finally, we present a selection of applications to change the appearance defined for the icons of installed applications. They are usually simple applications that change the look of your Android tablet or smartphone.

Also keep in mind that each app, each icon pack has its own design language and style, so we recommend trying more than one. That way, you are likely to find the ideal “look” among the various packages.

In addition, we also have some wallpapers and other customization options for your Android smartphone. If you want even more content cousin, see the list above, with some apps still free.


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