Home Sports 176 medals and 400 victories: a record year for Hankuk

176 medals and 400 victories: a record year for Hankuk

176 medals and 400 victories: a record year for Hankuk

Hankuk is not just another gym. The taekwondo school, directed by Jesús Ramal, coach, and Suvi Mikkonen, president, offers comprehensive training to its athletes, whose growth is focused holistically, taking into account the particularities of day to day. “We are adapting to how they are, what has happened to them… The intensity of the work is always high and that requires very specific care. They have to be well recovered and well cared for. We have a physical trainer, several physiotherapists, etc.” details Ramal during the presentation of the results for the year 2022, at the Higher Institute of Professional Training Universae, sponsor of the team. Located in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid), the center has become a world reference for the aforementioned martial art.

“We go to the competitions and we win gold against powers like China or Korea,” emphasized Ramal at the event, held this Thursday. With him, in addition to Mikkonen, was the mayor of San Sebastián de los Reyes, Narciso Romero, the director of institutional relations for Universae, Manuel Gazapo, and several of the members of the Hankuk team. Among them, Adriana Cerezo. “We are all giving 200% to achieve our goals and our dreams, not only individually, but also as a team. Having the support of entities that trust us makes us see that we are on the right track. We are very sure that we will achieve it”valued and appreciated the Olympic runner-up in Tokyo.

The numbers speak. Last season, the Hankuk surpassed all their records. In total, 176 medals were collected, 100 of which were gold. As for victories, the number rises to 400 in 511 fights. Almost 80% success. Simpler: in 2022, the team won 8 out of 10 meetings. In 2023, the pre-Olympic year, the medals have not been long in coming. In the Spanish Championships, held in February, five golds, three silvers and two bronzes were achieved. Before, Adriana and Laura Rodríguez had already climbed to the top of the podium in the President’s Cup, which took place in Istanbul. The Marton twins, Luana and Viviana, were also silver and bronze in said competition, respectively. This same month, Cerezo has been silver in the Wuxi Grand Slam and the team, which is also growing in its men’s categories, has qualified for the European Games, to be held in Krakow from 21 to 2 July. These are just a few examples from an endless list.

Suvi Mikkonen and Adriana Cerezo during the act at Universae.EDUARDO CANDEL REVIEJOACE DAILY

distinctive values

“The team is a great example on a sporting and human level. Universae has strong values, including a commitment to education and innovation, but it also promotes perseverance and effort, values ​​that the Hankuk team perfectly represents”, extolled Gazapo during the act. “We are a team of young and ambitious girls with very big goals. Being able to count on sponsors like Universae who support and accompany us on this path is very important for us”, Mikkonen thanked her. One of the fundamental pillars of the Hankuk is found in the well-being of its athletes, separating the mantra from no pain, no gain (without pain there is no gain). You train a lot, but well, with a technical and medical team that considers aspects such as rest, nutrition or the specific contexts of each athlete. A different way to earn… a lot.

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