173 people have been arrested after last weekend’s riots and many more are to follow. They will be called to account “with the full weight of the law”, Minister Grapperhaus wrote to the House of Representatives.

He points out again that summary justice will be used against the rioters and that the damage will be recovered from them. “The police and the Public Prosecution Service are doing everything they can.”

Grapperhaus believes that the police have shown again what they are capable of in recent days. He expresses his appreciation for “people who, without exception, have a strong motivation to commit themselves to Dutch society and take a step forward, even in those situations where there are particularly difficult circumstances.”

A protest against the corona measures in Rotterdam got out of hand on Friday evening. Police fired shots at several rioters. Last weekend there were riots in The Hague, among others, in which heavy fireworks and stones were thrown at emergency workers. According to Grapperhaus, in some places it involved “highly organized violence”, with no apparent social or political intention.

According to the Minister of Justice and Security, the police notice that the corona measures have caused a division. “It is important that we continue to discuss this with each other. What happened last weekend, however, has nothing to do with a discussion. I will always continue to act strongly against this together with mayors, the Public Prosecution Service and the police.”

An overview of this weekend’s riots in pictures:


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