17 people died due to heavy snowfall in Japan

17 people died and many were injured in various accidents due to heavy snowfall in Japan.

According to foreign media, the life system has been disrupted due to heavy snowfall in Japan, while 17 people died and more than 90 were injured in various accidents, most of the deaths were due to being buried under the snow while cleaning the roofs.

According to officials, normal life has been badly affected by snowfall of up to two and a half feet in the northern regions of Japan, three times more snow has fallen in these areas than before, thousands of homes have lost power due to snowfall, while dozens of flights and trains have been canceled. are given

On the other hand, the president’s most dangerous avalanche in America Bomb cyclone has taken over, the death toll has risen to 56.

The situation is very dire in Buffalo, New York, where eight feet of snow has fallen due to which the power transmission system has been completely destroyed.

Buffalo Governor Cathy Hochol says residents are still in a ‘very dangerous life-threatening situation’, with rescuers unable to reach the worst-hit areas.

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