17 days after the plane crash, 4 children were found alive in the forest

Four children aboard a plane that crashed in Colombia two weeks ago have been found alive in the Amazon jungle, killing three people.

According to the French news agency AFP, on Wednesday, Colombian President Gustavo Pietro announced in his Twitter message that the children missing in the plane crash had been found, calling it a “happy occasion for the country” and writing that the military personnel had faced many difficulties. After looking for the children.

According to the report, after the plane crash, more than 100 military personnel were deployed by the authorities to search for the plane, who were also assisted by tracking dogs.

According to the news agency, the children found in the Amazon forests were on board the plane that crashed on May 1, 3 people were killed in the incident while the children went missing.

Columbine rescue officials believed the missing children, ages 11 months, four, nine and 13, were alive. Rescue officials say the children were found in Kiquita, the southern part of the forest.

Military officials said in a statement that they found a makeshift shelter made of branches in the southern part, after which they believed the children were somewhere nearby, after which they intensified their search. had gone.

Army officials had earlier found a baby’s milk bottle and a half-eaten piece of fruit.

During the rescue operation, military authorities on Tuesday found the bodies of the ship’s captain and two others, including a woman who was the mother of the children found.

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