17 countries come to the aid of a damaged ship that has been stranded on the coast of Yemen for years

Seventeen countries have come to the aid of a damaged ship that has been stranded on the coast of Yemen for years, raising $75 million needed by the UN’s efforts to avert the climate crisis.

According to the details, the United Nations says that adequate funds have been found to deal with the rusting oil tanker stuck in the Red Sea near the coast of Yemen, so that the operation to prevent it from the dangers of decomposition can be started soon. will

According to Arab News, the UN coordinator for Yemen, David Greilsey, said that 17 countries have contributed to the collection of $75 million needed for the first phase of the operation, including $10 million from Saudi Arabia.

The Netherlands donated $7 million to a ship carrying 14 million barrels of oil, which has been docked off the coast of Yemen for seven years, for a cleanup operation if the oil spills into the sea, according to the United Nations. It may cost up to 30 billion dollars.

According to David Greilsey, if this problem is not dealt with properly, an environmental crisis may occur, which will affect not only Yemen but also neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia and Somalia, while Fishing and shipping will also be disrupted.

The rescue operation will consist of 2 phases, in the first phase the oil will be moved safely. Gresley said that the funds are expected to be in hand by the end of next month.

It should be remembered that in 2015, the oil tanker named Safar was left abandoned in Yemen’s western coastal city of Hodeidah by international marine engineers when the Houthis took control there.

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