15 Marvel Characters Likely To Appear In Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness smother the rumours. After Spider-Man: No Way Home who launched the multiverse Marvel with great surprises in store, the second part of the adventures of Sorcerer Supreme promises to push the slider of madness and fan service even further. In October 2021, the film returned to the reshoots box to enhance the feature film with high-sounding cameos but also to link it in the best possible way to No Way Home. The movie of Jon Wattsoriginally, should have included the presence ofAmerica Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) but since the release timeline has changed, it won’t debut until the month of May 2022, release date of the film. Here are the characters that we could find in this long-awaited phase 4 feature film.

  • Iron Man (played by Tom Cruise)

Many rumors point to an appearance of a Tony Stark from an alternate reality, and embodied by Tom Cruise (originally thought for the role before Robert Downey Jr). A possible hypothesis given that the alternative dimensions will indeed be the focal point of Multiverse of Madness.

  • Captain America or Mr Fantastic (John Krasinski)

Before Chris Evans, John Krasinski was being considered for the role. In the same way as for Tom Cruise, the actor could embody a multiversal variant of the super-soldier. He might as well appear as Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic) to tease the Fantastic Four by Jon Watts. If the cast of this reboot remains unknown, the director of the saga Without a Noise continues to make foot calls to Marvel and Disney who may well choose to rely on this actor who has a huge fan base.

  • Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire)

After his triumphant return to No Way Homewe should hear a little more about the very first Spiderman to the cinema since rumors of the DisInsider Show announce him as being back in Doctor Strange 2.

No Way Home Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire
  • Loki, Sylvie and Mobius (Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino and Owen Wilson)

The protagonists of the series Disney+ Loki could have a good chance of making a comeback. Indeed, it is by the climax of their show that the multiverse was disturbed and they are announced with insistence to the casting of the film. Given the importance of the Time Variance Authority in the unfolding of the multiverse, it is likely that Weird crosses paths with these three characters, especially since season 2 of Loki will begin filming this summer, in order to be as close to the events of the film as possible. Sam Raimi.

  • Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors)

If he appeared under his iteration of “He Who Remains” in Lokihis brutal murder orchestrated by Sylvia make that kang will return in much stronger and more dangerous multiversal variants in the sequel mcu. He is positioned to make his big debut in Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania but could be teased in this Doctor Strange 2 given that kang will necessarily stem from the bronx triggered by the multiverse.

  • Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds)

It’s no longer an open secret, Dead Pool will be entitled to an adaptation by disney which should stay R-Rated to keep the spirit of the character alive. If for now Ryan Reynolds is taking a break from his career, he could well return via a cameo for a teaser Deadpool 3 which will happen in the next few years.

  • Professor X (Patrick Stewart)

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the Professor X from the very first trilogy X-Men is the one whose comeback is the most bet by Hollywood Insiders. According to a big leak on Reddit, Weird and Chávez will confront the Illuminati, a kind of living tribunal of the multiverse, governed by Charles Xavier. During this meeting, a battle could break out between Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Professor X.

  • Magneto (Ian McKellen)

Daniel Richtmanan insider who has always had extremely reliable information on the MCU in general (secrets of No Way Home, addition of Will Poulter to the Guardians of the Galaxy cast as Adam Warlock)teased that Doctor Strange 2 would see wanda take on an X-Men character from the fox. According to previous rumors, it could be the Professor X but it is also not impossible for the character to meet his ” dad “ aka Magneto.

doctor strange 2 wandavision magic
  • Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn)

On November 12, 2021, disney made the series official Agatha: House of Harkness. If we left the witch in a bit of a bad position in Wanda Visionthe character could well be back to tease the next show Disney+.

  • Vision (Paul Bettany)

The end of Wanda Vision left an open door for the return of Paul Bettany in Vision. If the version created by wanda for west view has been permanently deleted, SWORD created a white replica of the companion of wanda who ended up regaining part of his memory before flying away from west view. We imagine badly Marvel having worked to guarantee a future for the character if the latter does not return within Doctor Strange 2which promises to be a crucial episode for the destiny of the scarlet witch in the MCU. A return that could also involve those of Tommy and Billythe twins who, it seems, are trapped in the Darkhold.

End of contract at Marvel for Paul Bettany (Vision)!
  • Infinite Ultron (James Spader)

Exclusively, The Direct revealed that robots from Ultron would return in Doctor Strange 2. They could tease a cameo of a Multiversal Ultron, with the six infinity stones as in the What If series. Considering the fact that one of the villains will be the Strange Supremealso present in What If, an appearance of a super-Ultron cannot be ruled out.

  • Bruce Campbell in a mystery role

Long time friend of Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell will have a small yet unknown role in Doctor Strange 2. In the Spider-Man 4 aborted of Sam Raimihe should have played the super villain Mysterio.

  • Spider-Man (Tom Holland)

Given the proximity of the two films in the MCU timeline, an appearance by Tom Holland’s Peter Parker could not be ruled out, even if the two characters will no longer know each other!

From a reliable source in any case, Doctor Strange 2 will include the presence of Wanda Maximoff, Shuma-Gorath, Strange Supreme, America Chavez or even Mordo.

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