15 (good) premium apps temporarily free on the Google Play Store

Hurry! These deals and deals on some of the best Android apps don’t last more than a few hours. That being said, we now have several apps and games premium for Android that you can download without paying through the official store, the Google Play Store.

Courtesy of the respective developers and studios who, from time to time, offer their creations at a discount price, or completely free. Well, such is the case of the concise selection of content that we present below, all of them present in the official store.

We mainly have Android games, as well as some games that you can install to play offline, or to play with friends on the Internet, without having to pay. With that being said, go through the list and find the content you really want to have or experience.

Paid apps for Android smartphones

  1. game edition | Free – 0.59 euro
  2. Oreo 8 – Icon Pack | Free – 0.89 euro
  3. Win Circle – Icon Pack | Free – €1.19
  4. Sagon: Dark Icon Pack | Free – €1.79
  5. Sagon Circle – Dark Icon Pack | Free – €1.79
  6. QR / Barcode Scanner PRO | Free – 2.69 euro
  7. 500X Game Booster and GFX Pro | Free – €5.99

First of all, we have this selection of personalization apps with various icon packs, each with its own look for your Android smartphone. We also have some useful tools to speed up some aspects of the mobile device.

Games premium now free on Google Play Store

  1. Shadow Knight: Ninja Game | Free – 0.59 euro
  2. Ruby Square: logic game | Free – 0.89 euro
  3. StarLink 2: Constellation | Free – 0.99 euro
  4. full angular velocity | Free – 0.99 euro
  5. legend of the moon | Free – 1.00 euro
  6. Spelling gaps PRO | Free – €1.99
  7. CELL 13 – Physics puzzle | Free – €3.69
  8. Peppa Pig: Amusement Park | Free – €3.99

Above we also have some temporary free games to install on your Android tablet or smartphone. There are titles from different categories, from action games to puzzle type games to challenge your brain. So explore the different titles and take the opportunity to discover new franchises, perfect to play alone or with friends on your mobile phone.

We remind you, once again, that the duration of these offers varies depending on the application. By the way, most if not all apps will be paid for again in the Google Play Store, but if you have already downloaded and installed them, they will remain on your phone.

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