124 people die in severe cold in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, the number of people who died due to severe cold reached 124 in the last fortnight.

The spokesman of the Afghan Ministry of Disaster Management has said that the 10-year record of cold in the country has been broken, about 70,000 cattle have also died due to severe cold.

Mullah Mohammad Abbas Akhund, Acting Minister of Disaster Management of the Taliban, has told the British Broadcasting Corporation that many areas of Afghanistan have been completely cut off from land due to road closures due to snowfall. Military helicopters are being used to rescue people.

Acting Minister Mulla Akhund said most of the dead were shepherds or people living in rural areas who did not have access to hospitals.

He said that most of the roads passing through the mountains have been closed due to snowfall, and passengers have also died due to vehicles getting stuck in freezing temperatures.

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