12 tricks to extend your iPhone’s battery life, from a former Apple employee

Battery life has always been one of the main concerns of iPhone users and any smartphone in general. And the more you use your phone, the faster the battery ages.

It’s always a good idea to know what you can do to extend battery life and improve the health of your iPhone’s battery. Now, A former Apple employee shared 12 battery life hacks on Tiktok.

With almost 12 million views, the video received a lot of attention and you can watch it below.


The 12 tricks to save battery on your iPhone

These are the tricks to save iPhone battery that Morgan lists:

  1. Do not charge the battery to 100%.
  2. Do not charge it overnight
  3. Only charge the battery up to 80% (a feature limited to iPhone 15 Pro models).
  4. Disable background activity for some apps
  5. Disable or limit location services for some apps
  6. Reduce the screen brightness or set it to automatic.
  7. Uncheck Raise to Wake.
  8. Set auto lock to 1 minute
  9. Deactivate “Hey Siri”.
  10. Turn off Bluetooth in the Settings app.
  11. Enable Accessibility > Reduce Motion
  12. Limit frame rate to 60Hz (on iPhone Pro models that support ProMotion)

As Morgan points out, manipulating these options could impact your entire iPhone experience. So it’s up to you to decide how to extend your iPhone’s battery life.

@hitomidocameraroll Let me know how long your battery will last if you do all this… because I don’t feel like doing it myself. #savebatterylife #iphone #apple #iphonebattery #battery #iphonehacks #tech #ios #settings ♬ Le Monde – From Talk to Me – Richard Carter

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