1,000 prisoners will be granted parole for Nicaraguan Mother’s Day

The Government of Nicaragua reported this Friday that they will release 1,000 common prisoners with a final sentence so that they live in a family coexistence regime in their homes, on the occasion of the Nicaraguan Mother’s Day that is commemorated on May 30.

Those deprived of liberty, men and women, will receive the legal benefit of release under the family coexistence regime during an act to be held on Sunday, May 28 at the headquarters of the National Penitentiary System, in the city of Tipitapa, neighboring Managua. , known as “La Modelo”, the largest prison in Nicaragua, as well as in seven other prisons, according to the information.

On Sunday, May 28, fulfilling our Christian and solidarity commitment, we are going to celebrate Nicaraguan Mother’s Day with new family gatherings for 1,000 homes“said the vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, through official media.

He stressed that 1,000 Nicaraguan mothers will be able to celebrate their day with their children, thanks to this benefit of family coexistence that the Government will give.

“Families will celebrate a new opportunity to live well, to live correctly, to live better and all together, because it is all together that we move forward,” added Murillo, wife of President Daniel Ortega.

The prisoners are kept in prison in the “Jorge Navarro” or “La Modelo” Penitentiary System, in Tipitapa (neighboring Managua), as well as in the departmental prisons of Bluefields (Southern Caribbean), Chinandega and León (west), Estelí and Matagalpa ( north), Granada (east), and Juigalpa (center).

The convicts will be handed over to their relatives in the middle of ceremonies, where the beneficiaries will sign their release letter under conditions, according to the information.

A total of 4,850 common criminals were sent to their homes in Nicaragua in 2022.

Between 2014 and 2022, the Nicaraguan government released 38,540 prisoners from prison, for an annual average of 4,282 parole orders decreed directly by the Executive.

The Ortega government usually grants probation to common prisoners on Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, on the anniversary of the Sandinista revolution and on Christmas holidays. This year he also did it on International Women’s Day.

The release of common prisoners before serving their sentences has been criticized by feminist organizations, such as the Women’s Network against Violence, arguing that behind these benefits there is an increase in femicides and crime in general in Nicaragua.

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