100 threads you cannot post short videos in China

The China Broadcasting Services Association published a list of 100 topics that local citizens should not include in short videos they post on the Internet.

the list, officially “Standard Rules for Reviewing Short Video Online Content (2021)”It includes, unsurprisingly, mockery of China’s leaders or descriptions of history that are consistent with Chinese Communist Party textbooks.

But the rules also add new red lines, including the ban on using videos from television programs. The use of program fragments not allowed in China is also prohibited.

It is also not allowed the representation of unconventional marriages. Sure, sex is prohibited, such as fig leaves, or symbolic garments the size of a fig leaf that barely cover the private parts of the body.

Discussions of extreme nationalist politics or fascism are prohibited, as well as everything that challenges the doctrines of Chinese socialism.

At cryptocurrencies They are also on the list, and videos that promote mining, trading or speculation about their values ​​are prohibited.

Other prohibited subjects are the representation of the drug use and the effects of drug use, gaming machines, organized crime and gang activities, glorification or glorification of crime and mental violence or abuse.

lying about charitable donations was also blacklisted. A red line was also placed. any discussion comparing religions, if it can provoke sectarianism.

The last point in the list is translated as “Other violations of laws, regulations and public social order and good customs”, which probably encompasses all of the above and more.

Disobey the rules can reduce access to jobs, education and even high-speed Internet access.

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There are also penalties for platforms like Tencent, Douyin or Weibo that host videos deemed inappropriate.

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