100 crore rupees entered into the account of day labourers, sleep is forbidden

A day laborer is suddenly in the dilemma of getting hundreds of crores of rupees. His bank account now has 100 crore Indian rupees. But he has to think hard to collect the cost of legal action to return this money.

The person’s name is Nasirullah, a farm laborer by profession. He lives with his parents, wife and two children in Degangar Chaurashi Panchayat area of ​​Murshidabad. A few days ago, two civic volunteers came to his house. They go through a letter. Take the letter written in English to a young neighbor. He said that Tk 100 crore has entered Nasirullah’s bank account. So Jangipur Cyber ​​Crime Police has called him. Checking the balance of the bank account on the mobile phone, he saw that there was not 100 crores, but 1 paisa less than that in the account.

Nasirullah went to the police station and informed that the money is not his. But the police say that they have to go to Jangipur in Murshidabad to solve the case. But he is worried about providing that cost.

Nasirullah claims that the money is not his. He also asked to take back the money. He does not know exactly how the money came. Why should he leave his work and run to Jangipur after spending his pocket money?

Nasirullah’s brother Mostakin said, my brother has never seen 50 thousand taka in his life. Not 100 crores in his account! This is a condition of prohibiting sleep. Something must have gone wrong somewhere. The police should cooperate with us. News – Hindustan Times.

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