“100 Americans” dead from Covid-19, Joe Biden’s slip

Joe Biden’s new gaffe has not escaped his public and his political opponents. The President of the United States made a startling mistake during a mental health-themed speech at the White House on Tuesday, reports the Huffington Post. He said more than 100 people have died since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States… while the real figure is 10,000 times higher.

“We still feel the deep loss of the pandemic,” Joe Biden said. As I mentioned, over 100 people died. It’s 100 empty chairs around the kitchen table. For every loss, there are so many people left behind with broken hearts.” This mention of only 100 Americans having died from the coronavirus did not fail to puzzle the listeners of the President of the United States. This number indeed seems very low compared to the 1,127,152 people who died according to the WHO.

Embarrassing precedents

However, a little earlier in his speech, Joe Biden was not mistaken and spoke well of “more than a million people” who lost their lives during the pandemic. At the time of his blunder, his team reacted very quickly by crossing out the mention “100” on the official transcription of the presidential address and replacing it with the correct number. Joe Biden has been singled out for several years by his detractors who claim that the head of state has lost part of his cognitive faculties.

It has thus happened on several occasions to the 80-year-old American president to make slips and blunders. Last February, the official doctor of the White House, however, confirmed that Joe Biden was physically and psychologically fit to exercise his mandate, cutting short the rumors in passing.

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