10 Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You”

For a long time, I fantasized about having the same powers as Doctor Dolittle. The main reason is because he could understand what the animals were thinking and feeling, and I think having access to that information would be extremely valuable. For example, why does my dog ​​bark at the vacuum cleaner or hide in a corner every time he starts giving off sparks?

Thanks to scientific advances in canine communication, we can now better understand the signals they emit and understand the love they profess for us. While we can’t get definitive answers to all of our questions about our furry friends, this research allows us to be more confident that our dogs genuinely love us. Research has shown that dogs possess superior sensory abilities compared to other animals. What’s more, scientists have discovered that the relationship between humans and dogs has been deeply intertwined throughout history, leading dogs to develop a unique communication to interact with their owners and say “I love you”.

Your dog’s love signals can be subtle and not always obvious, but as you get used to recognizing them, you’ll discover the little signs of affection he has in store for you. Carefully observe his behavior to better understand the affection he is giving you.

1. Looking you straight in the eyes

In a “60 Minutes” segment, Anderson Cooper interviewed Brian Hare, a renowned dog expert, to discuss how dogs show their love. According to Hare, when your dog looks directly into your eyes, he is expressing his love and affection for you in a way he calls “gazing.”

When you play with your dog and he looks at you, he breaks free. oxytocin both in you and in him. This hormone is the same hormone that mothers release when they care for their babies. If you want to check it out, avoid having a staring competition at home with your dog. When that something is turned off, the detector will identify it and look away due to the discomfort it feels. However, it is advisable to try to look him in the eyes from time to time during daily routines to see how he reacts.

2. Yawning when yawning

It’s true that yawning is contagious and doesn’t just affect humans. Dogs, being so attached to us, can pick up on our yawns too. This is because they are created to read our body language and facial expressions; therefore, when someone close to them yawns, chances are they will too. According to a study carried out, it was found that when humans yawn in response to another’s yawn, it is because we have greater empathy, similar to feeling pain in a sympathetic way. While it’s difficult to measure empathy in dogs, if a dog yawns at the same time as a human, it could indicate that there is a strong emotional bond between the two. One study revealed that dogs tend to yawn when their owners do, as opposed to when they are around strangers.

3. He leans on you

The song “Lean On Me” is about being supportive, and dogs want that same sense of security too. Often, a dog will seek support from a human being due to the anxiety he feels, because he wants something from you or even because he is trying to take something from you. When a dog touches you, regardless of the reason, it is a gesture of affection. Even if he does it out of nervousness, it shows that he trusts you as someone who can protect him and keep him safe.

4. He asks for caresses after eating

In the book “How Dogs Love Us” by Gregory Berns, it is mentioned that if your dog seeks petting after eating, it is a clear indication that he loves you. Most dog lovers (even those who don’t like dogs) know that these animals are motivated by food. According to Berns, once dogs are done eating, their next activity is considered the most important thing besides eating. Sometimes your dog may need to go to the bathroom right after eating. It’s important to pay attention to how you react in the morning and in the evening. If your pet snuggles up to you after one of these meals, it’s a sign that he has a strong affection for you, similar to puppy love.

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5. Lift and move your eyebrows

It is commonly believed that we can understand dogs based on the movement of their tail, however, their facial expressions are a very powerful indicator of their emotions. A recent study carried out in Japan presented dogs with different situations, such as the presence of their owners, a stranger, a toy and something they did not like. When the children saw their parents, they immediately noticed a change in their facial expressions (especially the left eyebrow). However, when they saw the stranger, there was a noticeable decrease in facial movement, except for a slight elevation of the right eyebrow.

When the animals observed an object that was familiar and connected to them, they reacted by moving their left ear backwards. On the other hand, if the object was pleasant to them, they would move their right ear. According to the study, it was observed that dogs tend to present a more reserved behavior when they are in front of someone they do not like or do not know. This may indicate a canine’s natural cautionary response to unfamiliar situations or people perceived as threatening.

6. They watch you calmly when you leave

According to Gregory Berns, it’s not entirely true that if a dog panics when you leave, it means he loves you dearly. In fact, this is due more to separation anxiety than love. When a dog enters your area or is calm when you leave, it’s a sign that he loves you and trusts you to come back. This behavior demonstrates the close bond and mutual trust between you and your pet.

7. He freaks out when you come back

Coming home and being greeted by our dog wagging his tail, with his favorite toy and jumping like a kangaroo makes us feel really good. This way of showing your love is unique and genuine, which is really cool.

8. Sleep in your room

Observing the place where our dog chooses to sleep can be an interesting way to assess its attachment to us. There are some controversies about this, but if your dog prefers to sleep in your bed, even when it’s not allowed, it could indicate that he has a lot of affection and love for you. According to research by Gregory Berns, if your dog sleeps in your bed, this can be interpreted as a sign of loyalty. Apparently, the dog doesn’t want to be separated from his area and prefers to share that space with you at night.

9. He brings you your favorite toy

When your dog brings you his favorite toy, it’s more than just a desire to play. This gesture is a symbol of affection and loyalty towards you. By bringing you his beloved ball, he recognizes you as the leader of the pack. As a sign of his generosity, he is willing to offer you his most prized possession, be it a toy or a frisbee. He believes that you will like it much more than him, following the principle of sharing is loving.

10. Live your love

According to Gregory Berns, dogs have the ability to sense whether their owners love them or not. This means that if you don’t show them affection, they won’t get anything in return. Tell us, how does your dog show his love for you? Share if you liked this information!

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