10 temporarily free Android apps and games on the Google Play Store

The best way to start the weekend is with good apps for your Android smartphone (or tablet). If you’re looking for new games to spend your time on your phone, new work and productivity tools, or customization, check out this list.

Below we present the applications that are usually paid for, but that, during the period indicated for each one, can be installed at no cost to the respective user. Grab this new edition of the “gifts of the week”.

To make the article easier to read, choose and understand, we list apps and games in different categories. First you have general utility apps, then Android games, and finally some customization apps.

General utility applications for Android

  1. SnipBack – Smart PRO HD Voice Recorder – costs € 2.99 – free for 6 days
  2. Stylish text: fonts, symbols and emojis – costs € 2.09 – free for 6 days
  3. Units Lab – Converter and Calculator – costs € 1.29 – free for 7 days

Take advantage of the first app, SnipBlack, to help you save memories, notes and other observations in voice clips that you can also share later on WhatsApp or archive for future reference.

These applications are small tools, generally paid, but now you can download them without paying. Choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy while it is really free.

Games to install on an Android smartphone

  1. Knight War: Idle Defense Pro – costs € 0.59 – free for 5 days
  2. My Little VIP Star: Idol Maker – costs € 0.99 – free for 5 days
  3. Puzzle for kids – learning game – costs € 1.49 – free for 6 days
  4. Mystery of fortune 2 – costs € 1.09 – free for 7 days
  5. Stickman Legends: Shadow Fight Offline Sword Game – costs € 0.79 – free for 7 days

For the weekend free time, we have put together some good games for phone or tablet. If you want fun games to pass the time, here are some good suggestions for Android like Stickman Legends, as well as Kight War.

On the other hand, you also have a puzzle game, more oriented to children, among other action and RPG titles and adventures that you can install without paying.

Personalization for Android

  1. Pixel Net – Neon Icon Pack- costs € 0.99 – free for 7 days
  2. Pixel Net White – Icon Pack – costs € 0.99 – free for 7 days

Finally, we indicate two icon packs that can change the general appearance of your smartphone to something else to your liking. These applications will replace the traditional system-defined look for the icons of the main installed applications.

It should be noted that all applications are available on the Google Play Store, the official Android system store. Therefore, they are guaranteed by the Google Play Protect system, so you can download them without worries.

After the promotional period, these applications will be paid again. However, if you have already downloaded and installed them, they will remain yours until you decide to remove them from your Android.

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