10 steps to become a vegetarian

Whether for health, animal, environmental or other reasons, you may be, like many others, considering becoming a vegetarian. Here are some pointers to start or even think about how best to start…


investigate. Explore. Collect informations. Find out what reasons have led so many people to give up meat. Discover that being a vegetarian is easy and healthy. Learn about the myths surrounding vegetarianism (including calcium, iron, and protein). Knowledge is power.


Think of the animals. in your body On earth. Consider the impact of your food choices on those around you and the world. Remember: “We are what we eat”.


Talk to vegetarians. Talk to non-vegetarians. Questions. Share your concerns. Start dating vegetarians. Visit vegetarian websites. Participate in mobilizations and campaigns.


Make a game out of it all. Bet your friend you can go a month without a McDonald’s entry, or two weeks without a roast or eggs. If you win, reward yourself. It is entirely up to you whether you continue to develop your commitment to vegetarianism.


Vegetarian cuisine presents itself as a new and challenging world. Taking lessons. Stock up on books and magazines. Try new recipes. Be creative. Have lots of fun with it. Check if meatless meals are not only possible but unlimited.

6. EAT!

Make your meals special. Chew slowly and enjoy every bite. Share your food with others.


Try to be aware of your body’s needs. Rest when you are tired. Eat when you are hungry. Take care of your body – you will notice that the “heaviness” after eating gradually disappears. Not only does vegetarian food feel good, it also energizes your life. respect your body Learn the connection between what you give him and what he gives back to you.

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Make changes in your lifestyle. Discover macrobiotic or raw nutrition. Visit restaurants and vegetarian houses. Discover the cuisine of other countries. Play new sports. Try yoga. Discover the world of animal liberation. After you stop eating them, discover new ways to help animals. Discover what your interests are.

9. Get ready!

You may encounter resistance from your family and friends. Be prepared (family meals can be terribly stressful, it’s hard to question “traditional foods”). Be strong. Trust yourself. Be prepared for questions like “Aren’t plants living things?”, “Wouldn’t they die out?” “Farm animals if we were all vegetarian?” Examine and answer your questions: Am I getting enough vitamins? Am I doing the right thing? Relax. Talk to your friends. Look in your books. If you stumble, pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes.


Mark the day you gave up meat and celebrate that day. Renew your choice. Discover that vegetarianism is an ongoing and fun process.

Whether you view it as a lifestyle, religion, or just a diet choice, good luck and have fun!

By Facundo Moyano
The Vegetarian Magazine

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