10 mantras to reduce anxiety and rest better

Many people are already attracted by the idea of ​​letting go of all their worries and stress by going to bed. Anxiety and our workaholic lifestyle can also affect the quality of sleep, in addition to disturbing our rest. If nothing works, you can try saying these mantras and affirmations to help you fall asleep.

Lie down, close your eyes and repeat this affirmation like a mantra. This is a good way to focus on the present moment.

Here is a list of mantras you can use.

I release what happened today

I release residual stress accumulated over time as I release negativity. I have a new peace of mind and I spread that joy wherever I go.

I forgive everything

All is well with the world. That is all. There’s nothing left, and I’m content with my life knowing there’s nothing left to have. Life goes on and on as we think, and I just let it go.

I am allowed to fall asleep

My body, mind and soul deserve some extra rest tonight. It’s good to allow yourself some downtime and recharge during a tough day.

I now enter a place of deep, restful sleep.

I have a place dedicated to rest, peace and most importantly, dreaming. When I walk into this room every night, today’s tensions are released and I can relax without any problem. It’s almost like my load is lightened in this room and that dream is literally about to enter.

I’m thankful

I am grateful for this life. I am grateful for the people who have shaped my life and taught me important lessons. I am grateful for the love I receive, give and share, which has marked my life. I am grateful to be able to see the light of day. I know that when it gets dark all night, I will have time to rest.

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I embrace my dreams

Getting a good night’s sleep helps give me the courage I need every day. I can sleep peacefully and clear my mind of the stress of the day when the dark night comes. Free of worries, tomorrow will arrive with new energy to reach my goals and win in life.

Other mantras for a good rest

May my sleep be peaceful

Being encouraged to get a good night’s sleep is sometimes not easy, but try to put those wishes into practice. May your dreams be filled with love and awaken to the infinite possibilities of happiness in my life.

I invite the qualities of good sleep

I welcome peace into my home. During the day, I am more at peace with myself and my surroundings. I think it’s good to have fun and come home to meet friends after work.

I choose peace

My aspiration is peace. Peace is more than just a wish for what will happen, it’s about how my soul feels right now.

I am in harmony with the universe

I feel the warmth of the night as I fall asleep on this hot summer afternoon. The beats of my heart overlap with the unique sounds of nature. Now there is no separation, only a deep peace that blends with mine.

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