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10 incredible covers that the BBC Radio 1 and 2 sessions left us with

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Starting with Rick Astley’s cover of Olivia Rodrigo, here we list 10 incredible covers that the BBC Radio 1 and 2 live sessions left us with.

Recently Rick AstleyThe British singer, known for songs like “Never Gonna Give You Up,” was the talk of the town thanks to his participation in BBC Radio 2’s live sessions A cover of “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo was thrown in.

In the so-called Piano Room and accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra, Astley performed Olivia Rodrigo’s hit and also delivered an interesting and strange mix of her iconic musical hit (which gave rise to the “Rickrolling” meme), combined with part of “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran.

10 incredible covers that the BBC Radio 1 and 2 sessions left us with
Rick Astley was at the BBC Radio 2 Piano Sessions. Photo via: YouTube.

Rick Astley shined with an emotional cover of “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo

Although Rick Astley is no stranger to doing covers (even in the UK he has dedicated himself to covering Smiths songs with the Blossoms), This performance of “Driver’s License” was highly praised for the emotionality that her voice and the orchestra’s playing style gave her. to the album title “Sour” (2021).

But if Mr. Rick Astley reminds us of anything It is the versatility that we can find in BBC Radio’s live sessions (both 1 and 2).as guest artists typically cover artists whose genres of music are different from the ones they play.

We list 10 incredible covers that the BBC Radio 1 and 2 sessions left us with

Out of Paramore and Dua Lipa, pass Two Door Cinema Club, Miley Cyrus and Arcade Fire Here we list 10 of the best covers that the live sessions on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 have brought us over the last few years:

10.- Arcade Fire with “As It Was” (cover Harry Styles)

The Canadian band has defined a style of musicwhich has been moving mainly between baroque pop and indie rock/folk for years, and it’s unbelievable how In this cover of “As It Was,” they manage to adapt Harry Styles’ pop song to their label and essence with the help of a xylophone, electric guitars and the voice of Win Butler

9.- Dua Lipa with “Do I Wanna Know?” (Cover Arctic Monkeys)

The original song by Alex Turner and Co. has a slow and pretty heavy rhythm (thanks to those distinctive riffs), however Dua Lipa’s cover is more of an acoustic version and they simply show us two things: that the singer has a very sensual and hypnotizing voice, and that “Do I want to know?” It has great lyrics.

8.- Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson with “No Tears Left To Cry” (Cover Ariana Grande)

Although the original version doesn’t sound like it, “No Tears Left To Cry” is a pretty emotional song. Let’s remember this Ariana Grande released this track as a tribute after the Manchester attack where 22 people died at one of their concerts.

The matter is better understood with this cover featuring the loud voice of Miley Cyrus, accompanied by an orchestra and Mark Ronson on acoustic guitargave an interpretation that gives us goosebumps when we hear it again.

7.- Taylor Swift with “Riptide” (Cover a Vance Joy)

In 2013, we listened to this indie folk song until we were tired. And despite romantic lyrics and happy rhythm, The version voiced by Taylor Swift (around 25 years old at the time) is more sentimental thanks to the piano. A song where Taylor showed, years before her album Folklore, that she had what it took to break into indie.

6.- Troye Sivan with “What I Was Made For?” (Billie Eilish cover)

We’ve lost count of how many times this has happened Billie Eilish’s song for the film “Barbie” by Greta Gerwig, It brought us to tears. And if you thought the song couldn’t be more emotional, then you definitely have to listen to it with Troye Sivan’s voice.

5.- Harry Styles with “Juice” (cover Lizzo)

It’s rare to hear a song designed for someone else’s voice that sounds just as good on another artist’s voice. That’s exactly what happens to you “Juice”, Lizzo’s song for which Harry Styles did an epic cover, where even the background singers shine just as much as the British singer.

4- Two Door Cinema Club with “Treasure” (Bruno Mars cover)

In 2013 Bruno Mars released this love song that captivated many with its 80s rhythm and funky sounds pretty sticky. But what would happen if someone turned this song into an indie rock song with more electric guitars?

Well, the result would be a cover of Two Door Cinema Club, where Sam Halliday, guitarist of the Irish trio, shines with his backing vocals.

3.- Tom Odell with “Piano Man” (Billy Joel cover)

“Piano Man” is essentially a musical classic (We won’t say it, literally the song is part of Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Hits of All Time) within the pop-rock genre and one of Billy Joel’s biggest hits.

With such a huge success, many would probably shy away from covering “Piano Man”. Something, that This is not the case with British singer-songwriter Tom Odell, who performed a worthy cover for Radio 2 Breakfast in 2019.

2.- Paramore with “Passionfruit” (cover Drake)

After listening to songs like “Misery Business” or “Ain’t It Fun” among othersIt’s hard to imagine hearing Hayley Williams in quieter genres like R&B and tropical house.. But the American singer manages it and gives the Drake song on the album a different note with her voice. ‘More life’ from 2017.

1.- Arctic Monkeys with “Hold On, We’re Going Home” (Cover a Drake)

In 2013 we saw the approach of the Arctic Monkeys for the first time rapping with this cover of one of Drake’s biggest hits, the same one Alex Turner and his company did their best to transform it – without planning it – into a modern classic. Just listen to it and deny that it’s one of the best versions we’ve ever heard.

As you can see, the live sessions on BBC Radio allow artists to show just how diverse they can be. Which is your favorite cover out of all of them? What else would you add to this list?

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