10 Foods You Should Only Buy If They’re Organic

The benefits of eating organic foods start on the farm, where no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used to grow them, until they are shipped to supermarkets.

Organic foods can cost more, and there are studies showing that certain foods, like bananas, are no better when grown organically versus conventionally. This information can be confusing, so we found 10 foods we think should be bought organic when possible:

apples: At apples There are often more than 40 different pesticides, because the threats of fungi and insects cause farmers to spray various chemicals in their orchards. Because of this, pesticide residues are also found in apple juice and sauce, making all apple products smart foods to buy organic.

celery: has traces of 60 different pesticides.

Cucumbers: cucumbers, which were mixed with until 35 different pesticides that remain on the skin when preparing salads. Peeling the skin can reduce your chances of ingesting some of them.

Nectarines: Household nectarines are not tested for as many pesticide residues, but are often detected 33 pesticides on nectarines. If you can’t find organic, opt for fruits with skin, such as mango, pineapple and papaya.

Peaches: You can find more than 60 pesticides in peaches, individual glasses and canned peaches.

Other foods you should look for organic

Popes: although it is the favorite vegetable of many countries, it is full of pesticides, more than 35 pesticides to be exact. While peeling helps, most of the nutrients in potatoes are in the skin. Opt for organic varieties or switch to sweet potato, which is better for blood sugar levels and has less pesticide contamination.

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Strawberries: Many insects and fungi love strawberries as much as you do, which means farmers spray them with almost 60 pesticides. This pesticide residue remains in the berries sold in the market, although frozen strawberries have less.

Spinach, lettuce: spinach leads green leafy vegetables with almost fifty traces of different pesticides and lettuce comes second. While frozen spinach has about the same amount, canned spinach has less.

Bell peppers: High residues of pesticides are found in bell peppers, in all their colorful varieties. Nearly 50 different pesticides have been detected in chili.

Blackberries: were detected more than 50 pesticides as residues in them. Frozen blueberries were a little less contaminated. Unfortunately, obvious alternatives like cherries, while not as contaminated, are, too. For breakfast cereals, if you can’t find organic blueberries, consider substituting bananas.

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