$1.7 million worth of bitcoin literally goes to the moon

If it is up to the LunarCrush company, a treasure chest with 62 bitcoin (BTC) will be found on the moon in the near future. The private key of the treasury, with which the bitcoins can be unlocked, is engraved on a motorized lunar vehicle. That means that the first person to realize a plan to reach the treasury can count themselves rich.

Bitcoin goes to the moon

This makes the company known in a press release. To realize this absurd plan, it will collaborate with several companies, including Lunar Outpost. This company will develop the space rover that will leave for the moon later this year to explore the space body’s south pole.

The private key of the crypto wallet in the treasury can be obtained by the first to reach the lunar rover on the moon. This will be engraved on the Lunar Outpost MAPP Rover in a completely transparent process. The aim of the plan is to “inspire the next generation to explore other planets”.

“When you throw a seemingly unattainable goal into the world, the innovation that comes from it can be incredible. Our goal is to inspire people to build communities that unlock a new era of exploration.”

A historic event

Said the CEO of LunarCrush, which researches social intelligence in the bitcoin ecosystem. It is truly an incredible plan that will put the spotlight on the bitcoin and crypto world. It will be an event that future generations will look back on, said Dr. Forrest Meyen of Lunar Outpost.

“What sounds absurd to some will break new boundaries that have not been explored for a very long time. Future generations will look back on us as pioneers of interplanetary exploration and adventure.”

The treasure chest, Nakamoto-1, will depart for the moon in the fourth quarter of this year aboard a SpaceX rocket.

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