1.5 crore salary transferred to the employee’s account by mistake instead of 43 thousand

Every employee eagerly waits for the time when his salary comes into his account after a month of hard work, but what will be your reaction if your account receives many times more than your salary?

In an interesting and strange incident that happened in Chile, something like this happened in which a company mistakenly deposited an amount equal to 300 salaries in the account of its employee, after which the employee resigned from the company and disappeared.

The incident took place in the month of May when an employee reported to the deputy manager that there was something wrong with the payment of his salary as he was paid 165,398,851 Chilean pesos (Rs 1.42 crore) instead of 500,000 Chilean pesos (Rs 43,000). have been paid.

As the transfer of excess amount was due to a technical glitch, the company asked the employee to go to the bank and produce a voucher in the name of the company to refund the excess amount.

The employee said that he would go to the bank and do the necessary work to get the refund which the company was satisfied with and he had no worries as the employee was very comfortable agreeing to refund all the extra money.

The next day the company tried to contact the employee but he could not be contacted. Later the employee himself contacted the company and said that he would be going to the bank soon but on June 2 he came to the office with his lawyer and tendered his resignation. Presented.

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The employee has refused to return the money to the company, upon which the company decided to take legal action to recover its money.

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