🔴 DIRECT – Coronavirus: “This is not the time to relax our efforts”, declares Olivier Véran

The fourth wave of Covid-19 continues its slow decline in France with less than 11,000 people hospitalized and a drop in new cases of 20% over one week. Six days before the vaccination obligation for caregivers, the Minister of Health called for firmness against the recalcitrant, indicating that there would be no “sick leave of convenience”. Follow all the news related to Covid-19 in France and around the world.


“We are on the right track”, but “this is not the time to relax our efforts” in the face of Covid-19, Minister of Health Olivier Véran said on France 2 on Thursday.

“Many countries lift the measures (against the Covid) at a given time and quickly put them behind. I would like us to be stabilized over time with measures that work,” commented the minister when asked about the example of the Sweden, which will lift almost all of its restrictions.

“Health pressure is starting to drop, this is not the time to relax our efforts,” said Olivier Véran.


Italian police raided the homes and computers of eight “anti-vaccine” activists on Thursday, who spoke on a social network of potential violent actions to be carried out across Italy during public demonstrations against the health pass.

The group, which communicated via a Telegram messaging under the title “the warriors”, called for mass participation in a demonstration planned for the weekend in Rome, but also urged its members to carry out violent actions in their places of residence, according to the report. police.


The prosecution announced Thursday that it had ordered the autopsy of the bodies of 14 people who had died the day before in a violent fire in a Covid-19 unit in North Macedonia, adding that investigations were underway to determine whether there was any other victims.

“Prosecutors have ordered an autopsy and identify the bodies of 14 people who died in the fire and we are investigating to find out if there are other deaths,” the prosecution said in a statement.


More than 12,000 foreign workers in France on the “front line” during the Covid-19 epidemic have been naturalized, the Interior Ministry announced Thursday. In September 2020, the ministry streamlined the procedure for acquiring French nationality for foreign health professionals, security or maintenance agents, cashiers or home helpers mobilized during the health crisis, in particular by reducing to two years instead of five, the minimum period of residence in France required.


Six days before the vaccination obligation for caregivers, the Minister of Health called for firmness against the recalcitrant. “There will be no sick leave of convenience, I work with the sick leave to carry out all the necessary checks”, assured Olivier Véran, guest of France 2, adding that it will be possible to “intervene with of the prescriber “.

On September 15, all caregivers must have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine to continue to exercise. However, 12% of them are not vaccinated, or nearly 300,000 people. “A number are waiting until the last minute for their first injection”, according to the minister.


End of the gauges, no health pass but the wearing of a compulsory mask: the 74 French universities, which come out of two years turned upside down by the Covid-19, are gradually reopening with the objective of welcoming all students face-to-face.

Hard hit by the health crisis that took them months away from their lectures, the students return to college throughout the month of September.

If the establishments can organize themselves freely, the Ministry of Higher Education has nevertheless recommended that they favor face-to-face, especially for tutorials.


The Covid-19 was the first cause of work stoppages of employees (outside the public service) from January to May, mainly due to the derogatory stops related to the coronavirus, according to a survey by Malakoff Humanis published on Thursday.

Overall, the number of employees having had at least one sick leave increased by three points (+ 30%) over the period studied, “going from 10% of employees in January to 13% in May”, specifies Malakoff Humanis in a report. communicated.

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