⚠️ The Shiba Inu Missile gains 47% and will soon Complete the Dogecoin

The fantastic pump that is underway for the Shiba Inu corner SHIB never seems to be able to stop. Perhaps he will go so far as to dethrone the bitcoin… To the chagrin of Robin Hood, who missed out on the winning ticket!


SHIB is appearing more and more threatening for Dogecoin. Currently both market cap are only separated by $ 6 billion. The two Japanese breed dogs are side by side!

  • Shiba Inu is 11th in the market cap ranking, Dogecoin is 9th.
  • Between the two a stablecoin maintains a safety distance of 1 meter

The monstrous pump of Shiba Inu SHIB

The progression of SHIB corner is fantastic. This crypto is outsmarting all prognostics, and is gaining in a single day 47%. The old ATH (All Time High), at $ 0.00003910 is now far behind, and so far the high is at $ 0.00006841.

Shiba Inu USDT on Trading View

Shiba Inu’s Fantastic Pump has just exploded the previous ATH.

The market capitalization of this token has increased proportionally. From $ 14 billion in May at the previous peak, it is currently $ 26.6 billion. That is almost 100% increase.

The reasons for this pump? There are several of them. This corner is one of the most famous on the internet. If there is a cryptocurrency that everyone knows, old and new, is the Shiba Inu and the Dogecoin. Except that unlike his rival, the Shiba Inu is moving forward. Listed on Coinbase and on Binance, the token also has its own DEX (Decentralized Exchange). No cost issues and a fraction of a dime price … mix it all up, and you have the bomb that’s going off.

Besides, it is perhaps one of the best ideas of Binance and Coinbase to add trading on the par. SHIB USDT. At the moment, these two platforms are number 1 of the Shiba volume. And the millions of users who are on it can bring at the price of SHIB coin all the traction needed for a one-way trip to the moon.


Robin Hood’s Worst Mistake

An idea that others did not have. In particular Robin Hood. The broker, which had caused much ink to flow at the start of the year, wanted to be the new favorite exchange platform for young people. With its easy trading services and early opening to cryptocurrencies, the platform was riding a pretty wave of dollars until last quarter.

From Q2 to Q3 of the year 2021, its income from crypto currency collapsed. They went from $ 233 million to $ 51 million. Indeed, Robin Hood’s great fortune had been trading Dogecoin, which had experienced exceptional days in May 2021, with the blessing of Elon Musk who then made it rain and shine on the markets.

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But the situation has changed a lot in recent days. Despite Elon’s encouraging messages, no way to move the price of Dogecoin DOGE. It must be said that it has to face development problems that are not progressing. And its creator Billy Markus is struggling to take his place as leader. Thus, lost between Musk and Markus, the Dogecoin community does not really know where to turn.

Meanwhile, the Shibarmy is baring its teeth. The latter are numerous and they have strong whales on their side. Just yesterday, a whale Ethereum was buying over $ 11 million in SHIB. We can say that the latter had flair! Today, this jackpot is already worth $ 16.17 million.

Robin Hood therefore missed out on the biggest pump of the quarter. Especially since a petition had emerged to ask the leaders of the platform to add the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency to the assets. A petition which had gathered 320,000 signatures of users of the platform. But without reaction from the management …

What a mistake ! The costs, the margin calls, the gargantuan profits that Robin Hood could have achieved… All of this would have turned this bad quarter into the best quarter of the year. Just since call From the articles of our editorial staff, the SHIB has gained 100% of its value.

Doge is a “boomer meme”

What’s next for Shiba Inu’s tremendous progression?
In any case, the target is clearly Dogecoin. As noted by Joe Weisenthal, an expert from Bloomberg, the latter represents a “Boomer meme coin”.

How did Dogecoin become the same as the boomer? Dogecoin is a dead, boring old currency. This is why other cryptos like Shiba Inu are what’s cool right now. ” Complete Weisenthal.

In addition, according to the expert, the only advantage of Dogecoin over Bitcoin or Ethereum is its low price.

the Shiba Token is therefore at the heart of attention. While the whole market plunges, the latter surges by 47% and gains places in the ranking of Coinmarketcap. If nothing is done on the side of Dogecoin to progress, its future could be between 4 boards, while the Shiba will be enthroned on the podium, between BTC and ETH.


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